Our story

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IGate began in 2009 when the company we worked for went into liquidation overnight due to the recession. We were broke & the mortgages had to be paid but jobs were scarce. So with a pair of laptops and phones, we mustered up all the self-belief & drive we had, and decided to take control of our own destiny. Year 1 and year 2 were hard as we hustled our way forward, juggling multiple side earners with full time work, but we persevered and finally had a self-supporting business to take us forward.

We re-invested the small profits back into the business and used the technology available to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We put a big emphasis on saving our customers both time and money. We both have very high standards and this reflects in how we run our business, how we treat our staff and how we value each and every customer who had helped us to get where we are today. Thank you for considering us as your business supplies partner, we look forward to getting to know you and your business.

Paddy Richards

After leaving School at an early age, I worked very hard to achieve very little. Realising my errors I returned to adult education. In 2001 I created an opportunity that would eventually lead to building my own engineering business and employing 30 staff in 2007.

Unfortunately, like most companies by 2009 the recession lead to the closure of the company and a sense of despair as my wife & I just had our 4th child and we were jobless. So it was time to pick myself up, brush off the past and start anew.

Later in 2009 with little or no money Stephen & I started IGate. It was probably one of the toughest times to start a business and the odds were against us, but with determination and hard work we soon started to grow. We attribute our success to a strong work ethic, developing a strong focus on our customer service ethos, and being open & honest with our customers.

We aim to continue the growth with each year that comes & create more employment opportunities. We like to offer something different to our customers than the status quo. I play guitar, enjoy family time, triathlons and design/art.

Stephen Rooney

Since studying Business at School I had a vision of someday setting up a business for myself, with this in mind I went on to earn a BSc in Business in D.I.T. & graduated in 2002. But to my disappointment I found that the business world was not awaiting my arrival with open arms, the hard work was only beginning.

The jobs that followed were far from enterprising, but with a mixture of skills picked up from different industries I finally put them together and we established IGate in 2009, and it was the best move we ever made. At the start I had to be an all rounder, but now with a team of staff to share the load I like to focus my time on business development.

I’d like to think we had success because we listen to people & see things as they do, we don’t leave anything to chance & we don’t make presumptions. We are forever grateful to each & every customer for helping us grow this business & we work hard to make sure we give them the best service possible in return.

As a husband & father of two lovely little girls I strongly believe in the value of a healthy work/life balance. My hobbies include triathlon, caravanning & music.